Do you have the Secret Sauce? Time to talk Ad Targeting

By Spenser Robinson - January 3, 2021
Do you have the Secret Sauce? Time to talk Ad Targeting

Do you have the SAUCE?  

If you’re reading this article, you’ve probably heard all sorts of things about Facebook’s ad retargeting technology. Let me tell you, most of the things you’ve heard are absolutely correct. 

Perhaps you’ve heard that ad retargeting enables merchants to bring customers back to their shopping carts so they can buy something. That is absolutely true. It doesn’t work 100% of the time, but it works enough to make quite a bit of a difference. 

Similarly, ad retargeting also enables merchants to drive people back to content pages that would eventually convert customers into paying buyers. That part is true as well. 

However, despite all the excitement about ad retargeting technology, there is a secret sauce that you cannot ignore. Seriously. If you understand how the secret sauce works, then you would know how to craft together a more effective ad retargeting campaign. 

On the other hand, if you remain clueless regarding this element, chances are your campaign would probably be hit or miss. Often times, it’s more of a miss than a hit. 

What secret sauce am I talking about? Proven interest. That’s right. When people come to your website, they have a proven interest. Ad regarding essentially gives you a tool to bring those people back to your website.

However, here’s the problem. If you’re just going to bring them back to the home page, you’re wasting your time. Real proven interest boils down to internal pages. That’s when you know that this person is serious. That’s when you know that this person actually is engaged enough with your content that they would go to internal pages. 

I’m not just talking about one main page. I’m talking about secondary pages or other internal pages. In fact, the deeper you get them into your website, the better the results. This means that they have looked through other content, they’ve somehow figured out how everything works, and they’re more likely to convert later on.

This is why if you’re running an ad retargeting campaign, it’s really important to focus on bringing back people who have gone into an internal page and not just the home page.

Keeping your audience engaged is vital to ultimately getting them to purchase from your business. This is a great time to take control of your social marketing and increasing your skills which in turn increases the likelihood your business will thrive using social media platforms. The Better Social Marketing Crash Course delivers concise and value-driven approaches to growing our online presence. This course is a great tool for training your staff, increasing your own knowledge, or simply implementing creative marketing strategies. 

In our next post, we detail the two ways to retarget and what makes them effective.

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