Do you know the secret sauce? Part 2: Retarget Practice:

By Spenser Robinson - January 7, 2021
Do you know the secret sauce? Part 2: Retarget Practice:

Retarget Practice 

Two ways to retarget

Now that you fully understand that ad retargeting is all about getting people who have gone to an internal page to come back, there are two ways to retarget. 

You can remind them to go back to where they left off. Maybe this is a purchase page. Maybe it’s a shopping cart. Maybe it’s some sort of article that goes into a conversion page with one click. Whatever the case may be, you just remind people to go back to your website and they end up where they left off.

The other way you can retarget is to pull them deeper into your website. This is an often neglected strategy when it comes to ad retargeting, but this is actually quite powerful. You have to understand that not anybody’s going to interact with your content the exact same way. Some people will find themselves very deep into your site, others will find themselves in a fairly shallow or common secondary page. 

The key here is to pull them deeper from that page, but not necessarily driving them to a sales page. In other words, you’re just going to be pulling them deeper into your content, but not necessarily dumping them into a shopping cart, sales page, or any other type of conversion page. 

This is how you get better sales. You condition the mind of the visitors so they voluntarily drill deeper into your site until they eventually convert.

Maximize ad retargeting’s results

How do you take your results to the next level? It’s very simple. Instead of pushing sales with your content retargeting, push your squeeze page. This is the page that recruits people to your mailing list. It will be your mailing list that will do the heavy-lifting of converting that visitor into a buyer. 

Of course, if you already have people showing up at your shopping cart, then your ad retargeting should focus on bringing them back to the shopping cart. But outside of that, if you’re dealing with people who stop short at content pages, push them to sign up to your squeeze page and let your mailing list convert them eventually.

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